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~ Louise McRae


~ 2019

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Catalogue VIV-1614
Status Sold
Title Tower
Year 2019
Artist Louise McRae - Profile
Medium Concrete, wood, acrylic paint, steel
Size 300 x 2200 x 300 mm
Editions 1
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~ Works by Louise McRae

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'Pedestal' , 2019

Found Totara, Concrete, Polystyrene and Acrylic Paint
64 x 78 x 64mm


'Cloud (Secure)' , 2019

Concrete, steel, acrylic paint
960 x 600 x 800mm


'The Ayes Have It' , 2019

Concrete, aluminium, wood and acrylic
990 x 1230 x 530mm


'Lie' , 2019

Concrete, wood and acrylic
650 x 380 x 420mm


'Tower' , 2019

Concrete, wood, acrylic paint, steel
300 x 2200 x 300mm


'Trust' , 2019

Concrete, Wood and Acrylic
740 x 1450 x 360mm

~ Louise McRae

New Zealand, (b. 1968)

After many years with a strong reputation as a painter ~ Louise McRae made the move to sculpture around two years ago ~ with truly remarkable results

The current series uses collapsing material to play with soft & hard. What appears super soft is in fact very heavy and hard. The mechanics of the viewers experience can be fun too. One can see the energy and immediacy of my making captured in the piece which adds a performative element in the work. Playing with the viewer via a loop, drawing people in with colour, texture and the illusion of softness , letting them out while they question what is, then drawing them back with the fun, funny aspect, can add a performative aspective to the viewers experience Even if it unconscious. It is my hope the experience of viewing reflects how the work itself operates. I love satirical comedy and the ‘fun-ness’ aspect of the work allows me to use humour and joy to broach some serious political narratives without boring the trousers off my audience.

Louise McRae
Photo © Louise McRae

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