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~ Rebecca Wallis - Artist Talk

3 Mar 2020

#73 - Rebecca’s painting practice is inspired by the texts of philosophers Julia Kristeva and Bracha Ettinger. She doesn’t merely interpret Kristeva’s ideas of abjection, or Ettinger’s notions of ‘Carriance’ of the other (which forms the title of this show). Instead, Rebecca uses these texts as an intellectual framework – a doorway in, if you like – for exploration.

~ Cruz Jimenez

1 Mar 2020

#74 - Cruz Jimenez has come a long way on the New Zealand art scene over the last twenty years. Born in California, Cruz’s first major solo show at The Vivian is a dark, mystical and intimate exploration of a deeply personal journey. Here, he talks about ‘Under the moon I planted’ which is showing at The Vivian until 22 March.

~ Peter Panyoczki - The Summer Show

15 Jan 2020

#72 - In this Vivian Film - Peter talks about his practice and works currently on show in The Vivian Summer Show. Peter Panyockzki is an artist of international standing - and we’re allways delighted to get the opportunity to show his works at The Vivian.

~ Barry Lett - Early and Late Works

9 Jan 2020

#71 - One of the most colourful characters on the New Zealand art scene – Barry Lett (1940-2017) was a strong supporter of The Vivian. This delightful small show is a treasure box of visual gems.

~ Gregory Pryor - Dragging Tail

15 Dec 2019

#70 - In this Vivian Film, we talk with internationally renowned, Australian artist, Gregory Pryor on the opening evening of his show at The Vivian 'Dragging Tail'. Gregory is showing at The Vivian for the very first time. This show is a gorgeously textured, deeply mystical journey that explores the collision between the early colonial history of Australia and a landscape and culture that preceded it by tens of thousands of years. The timing for a show like this has never been better. Both deeply moving and magical, please come along to experience it for yourself.

~ Wayne Youle

1 Dec 2019

#69 - Fitting for someone about to embark on a McCahon residency, the title of this show directly references McCahon’s 1961 painting, ‘Here I give thanks to Mondrian’. In a world where it can sometimes feel everyone is only in it for themselves, Wayne thought it was refreshing to see such an open and honest homage.

~ New Shows - 19 Oct 2019

19 Oct 2019

#68 - In this short film Scott introduces three new shows at The Vivian - Featuring Iain Cheesman, Wayne Youle and Rainer beneke

~ New Shows - 31 Aug - 13 Oct

28 Aug 2019

#67 - In this short video, Scott Lawrie talks us through the latest shows at The Vivian. ‘Still No Answer’ in the North Gallery, ‘Higher Thinking’ in the South Gallery and ‘Declarations’ in the Studio Gallery.

~ Auckland Art Fair - Sally Gabori

19 Aug 2019

#66 - In this Vivian Film we talk with Scott Lawrie and Beverly Knight from Alcaston Gallery in Melbourne about the significant and eye-popping work by Sally Gabori which featured on The Vivian stand at this year's Auckland Art Fair.

~ Ivan Lupi - X - 8 September

15 Aug 2019

#65 - It's almost a year since The Vivian hosted our very first performance event - Ivan Lupi – 'X'. The response was amazing and we asked Ivan if he would take part just one more time... and he said yes! Make sure you don't miss this - We promise you will never forget it. This is an R18 event – and the North Gallery will only be accessible to participants between 2 – 4pm. The rest of the gallery remains open as usual.

~ Rupert Herring - Artist Talk

11 Aug 2019

#64 - In this Artist Talk and Q&A, Rupert Herring takes us on a journey through his practice – and works currently on show in 'The Avenue Where The Silhouettes Pass'. Rupert’s work is well-known and well-loved – And in this, his first solo show at The Vivian – you’ll see a marked progression in both style – and influence. Elements from Greek and Roman architectural forms contrast with personal explorations of New Zealand landscapes in a range of woods; all sustainable and mostly salvaged.

~ The Avenue Where The Silhouettes Pass

3 Aug 2019

#63 - In this short film, Scott Lawrie talks about Rupert Herring's first solo show at The Vivian - 'The Avenue Where The Silhouettes Pass'. Elements from Greek and Roman architectural forms contrast with personal explorations of New Zealand landscapes in a range of woods; all sustainable and mostly salvaged.

~ Grace Wright Artist Talk

28 Jul 2019

#62 - It’s rare to uncover a new style of painting in New Zealand and Grace Wright delivers a whole show of it in ‘You and Your Resolve’ - which runs from 6 July to the 25 August. Sublime, elegant and powerful - Grace’s Paintings are as enigmatic as they are joyful. And In This Vivian Film - she joins us in The North Gallery for an Artist talk.

~ New Shows - July 2019

30 Jun 2019

#61 - Join us on Saturday 6 July for the opening of three new shows at The Vivian. In the North Gallery – Grace Wright with ‘You and Your Resolve’. In the South Gallery – Rupert Herring with ‘The Avenue where the Silhouettes Pass’ – and in the Studio Gallery – Liz Sharek with ‘Wild Things’

~ Martin Poppelwell - Q&A Part 1

24 Jun 2019

#60 - In this Artist Q&A – filmed during Martin's V-Project at The VIvian – Martin talks about his practice, his show at The Vivian and how it all began.

~ Martin Poppelwell - 2 Min Tour

14 Jun 2019

#59 - In this short film, Scott Lawrie talks about the latest V-Projects show at The Vivian, featuring the work of Martin Poppelwell

~ Martin Poppelwell - V-Projects

1 Jun 2019

#58 - A big, big thank you to everyone who came to the opening of our first V-Project last night – featuring the work of Martin Poppelwell. It was a blast! Thanks to all the team at The Vivian. The Sawmill Brewery - for their sponsorship, Raman Patel for the tunes, our lovely clients and guests for their continued support for all we do... and of course Martin and Megan for making it a night to remember!

~ Nick Jamieson - Artist Q&A

27 May 2019

#57 - Work that has a social commentary that leads us into the unknown is always a winner at The Vivian - and these pieces by Nick Jamieson are fascinating, beautiful objects - with a darker, deeper meaning for us all. In November the world saw the birth of the world’s first genetically edited babies. This process of editing genes and creating the folded proteins is highlighted in these two works currently on show in ’Towards the Forest’ in the North Gallery.

~ A Private Requiem - Ivan Lupi

12 May 2019

#56 - We are thrilled to welcome back internationally-renowned performance artist Ivan Lupi for the world-premiere performance of 'A Private Requiem’. Dark, deeply moving and brave, this 5-day endurance performance will take place each day 11-5pm from Thursday 16 May to Monday 20 May at The Vivian.

~ National Treasures

7 May 2019

#55 - Featuring a knock-out list of some of the leading artists in our region, you can expect gorgeous and large-scale visual wonders from Virginia Leonard, Glenn Barkley, Aaron Scythe, Stephen Bird, Lynda Draper, Stephen Benwell, Dean Smith, and Carlene Thompson.

~ Nicholas Ives - Artist Q&A

13 Mar 2019

#48 - Don’t miss the last few days of ‘The Worlds of Quinn Mallory’ by Nicholas Ives – currently showing in the North Gallery. In this Artist Q&A, Nic talks about his works in the show and his practice. The show ends this Sunday so make sure you come along and see these in person!

~ Serj Tankian - Clock Crucifixion

9 Mar 2019

#47 - In this video Serj Tankian talks about his work 'Clock Crucifixion' – and the process behind its creation. Join us on Sunday 17 March 2019 at The Vivian between 1pm – 3pm, where Serj will be talking about his practice and signing prints of work available from the show.

~ Serj Tankian - The Vivian Gallery. Artist Q&A.

8 Mar 2019

#44 - In this Artist Q&A we talk with Serj about his work, music, art and his passions during his show at The Vivian Gallery. Known primarily as the lead singer of the Grammy award-winning Armenian- American hard rock band, System of a Down (boasting sales of over 40-million records worldwide) Serj Tankian’s journey as an artist is long and varied.

~ Sally Gabori – Memories of Place

5 Mar 2019

#46 - Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori was born about 1924 on Bentinck Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria. She only started painting around eighty years of age, and her career lasted only a decade or so, before she passed away in 2015.

~ Artist Q&A - Marian Maguire - Goddesses

28 Feb 2019

#45 - In this Artist Q&A - Matian Maguire takes us on a mesmerising journey through her latest show 'Goddesees'. Her work is on show in our Studio gallery until 17 March and entry is free. This is one not to miss!

~ Serj Tankian - Meet the Artist

4 Feb 2019

#43 - Join us at The Vivian Gallery on 2 Feb 2019 from 2pm – 5pm. Meet Serj and get a limited edition print signed by him to you on the day.

~ Iain Cheesman - 'tHe' – Artist Q&A

22 Nov 2018

#42 - Iain Cheesman's show 'tHe' has been an outstanding hit at The Vivian. It closes this weekend on Sunday 25th at 5pm. Make sure you don't miss this last opportunity to catch the show. Iain is one of New Zealand's most fascinating artists, and is much loved for his word-play as well as his quirky visuals. This show contains entirely new bodies of work that celebrate and explore the meaning of life, using Iain's signature good humour and deep irony. In this Vivian Artist Q&A film, we talk to Iain about his work, his play with words and his love of poetry.

~ Opening Event - 'tHe'

30 Oct 2018

#41 - Thank you to everyone who came to the opening event at The Vivian for our latest shows, featuring work by Iain Cheesman, Nicholas Ives and Elizabeth McClure. Here’s the speeches from the afternoon and just some of the fabulous sights and sounds. A great time was had by all! Don’t miss these shows - Entry is free and they are on until the 25th November.

~ Anthony Morris - LXXX An Artist in the Making

12 Sep 2018

#39 - We all gathered on Saturday to celebrate 50 years of making and the 80th year of Anthony Morris. It is a privilege to share just some of Ant's works- spanning decades of making, in 'LXXX - An Artist in the Making'. Make sure you don't miss this one! On at The Vivian until 14 October.

~ Ivan Lupi 'X' - Artist Q&A

9 Sep 2018

#40 - We’d like to thank Ivan, and everyone that participated in ‘X’ on the 9th September. In this our first ever performance art event – internationally renowned artist Ivan Lupi - known for his bold, uncompromising, and powerful performances - uses his body as a ‘collective surface’ for his work.

~ Ivan Lupi - X - Launch Invitation

3 Sep 2018

#34 - A live performance event (R18) - 1.30pm, Sunday 9th September. Ivan Lupi is an internationally renowned performance artist whose bold, often confronting, yet deeply moving practice has seen him invited to perform across the world. Often using his body as a framework for his research, X is no different. Inspired by the 125th anniversary of Women's Suffrage in NZ, participation is encouraged, as this will be one to remember.

~ Anthony Morris - Launch Invite

3 Sep 2018

#35 - Please join us at The Vivian in Matakana from 4-6pm on Saturday 8th September for a special community celebration to mark the opening of an inspirational show of work by legendary Matakana potter Anthony Morris.

~ Midnight at the Crossroads - Opening Night

29 Aug 2018

#32 - We would like to thank everyone who came to the opening night of our new show and all the people who helped make this happen. Here's some sights and sounds from the preview, together with a brief talk from director Scott Lawrie.

~ Scott Lawrie - The Vivian

29 Aug 2018

#33 - The Junction Magazine talk with Scott Lawrie from Matakana's contemporary gallery - The Vivian.

~ Monique Lacey - Artist Q&A

25 Jul 2018

#30 - Come and see Monique's work in "A Line Between Two Points' - On at the Vivien until 22 July.

~ Rebecca Wallis Artist Q&A

25 Jul 2018

#31 - In this Artist Q&A, Rebecca Wallis talks about her work and practice - the power and sensitivity of the work; cascading paint on silk, viewed from the reverse side of the surface.

~ A Line Between Two Points

30 Jun 2018

#29 - Come and see 'A Line Between Two Points' - on until 22 July. The Vivian is delighted to showcase the work of two of our most recent represented artists, Monique Lacey and Rebecca Wallis in a single major show.

~ Inside Out - Three Paintings by Mark Braunias

24 Jun 2018

#28 - We are delighted to welcome Mark Braunias back to The Vivian with this special small show of three significant works. - Mark has been a long-time supporter of The Vivian, and these works typify why we love his work so much. His approach to painting is one that is joyful, supremely crafted, witty, and sometimes even dark.

~ Linda Tyler - Never an Answer

10 Jun 2018

#24 - Never an Answer – 12 Abstract Painters. Over the next 10 days we will be posting a series of the Artist Talks given by Linda Tyler. In this video Linda talks about the show and the representation of women in art.

~ Emelia French - Never an Answer

10 Jun 2018

#25 - We are delighted to have three works by Emelia French - with her eye-popping colourful eggshell designs. Showing in 'Never an Answer' - at The Vivian. Thanks again to Linda Tyler for a great artist talk.

~ Tira Walsh - Never an Answer

10 Jun 2018

#26 - Tira Walsh approaches canvas as a kind of screen responding to the contemporary digital context in which we now view the world. Her own style sits between abstraction and figuration, digital and painterly. We love her work. Showing in 'Never an Answer' - At The Vivian until the 10th June.

~ Ruth Ige - Never an Answer

10 Jun 2018

#27 - Linda Tyler talks about these three intimate works by Ruth Ige - Currently showing in 'Never an Answer' - on till 10 June at The Vivian.

~ Janette Cervin - Botanical @ Fantastical

15 May 2018

#23 - We asked Janette Cervin to think a little... bigger... when it came to her Studio Gallery show at The Vivian. And she didn’t disappoint! Fantastical@Botanical is a fascinating and immersive show of large-scale, lush imaginary New Zealand landscapes teeming with exotic flora and fauna. Experience it for yourself until June 10th.

~ Dale Frank

30 Apr 2018

#52 - In this film we talk about Dale Frank's 'Dale Frank Chinese Landscape 6 – Citibank, 2015' - Showing in Exodus

~ What is Classicism?

25 Apr 2018

#19 - And where did the idea come from? Here, Dr Andrew Paul Wood, author of the Feet of Clay essay, gives a quick overview of the origins and myths surrounding these Western ideals, which are still referenced by many contemporary artists today.

~ Marion Maguire - Feet of Clay

25 Apr 2018

#20 - Marion Maguire's playful editioned prints often reference Greek myths (in this case Odysseus). Yet she often manages to include contemporary notes and other references, such as Maori carvings. We're delighted to welcome Marian to Feet of Clay – her first ever show at The Vivian. On until April 29th.

~ Peter Panyoczki - Feet Of Clay

25 Apr 2018

#21 - Rupert Herring is a local artist who revels in blurring the boundaries between function and form. His work is created from rescued and bunched colonial carved spindles in painted native New Zealand timbers and gives a respectful nod to classical architecture and form. Come and see his work in Feet Of Clay - on until the 29th April.

~ Peter Panyoczki - Feet of Clay I - II - III & IV.

25 Apr 2018

#22 - Your last chance to visit Feet of Clay which closes this Sunday the 29th April. In this final video from the show - we explore the series of work of the same name by Peter Panyoczki.

~ Abdul Abdulla - The Bringer of Light, 2017.

15 Apr 2018

#18 - Abdul Abdullah is one of Australia’s hottest young artists. The Bringer of Light, 2017 is the image we chose for all our posters for Feet of Clay, as it captures the ultimate question we curated the show around – is classicism even relevant to contemporary artists working today? Showing courtesy of Lisa Fehily Contemporary Art, this is a bold work which literally mutates the very representation of classical order and ideals. Don’t miss it! - On until the 29th April.

~ Anthony Morris - Feet Of Clay

13 Apr 2018

#17 - Anthony Morris is a iconic kiwi ceramists with an international reputation. We are delighted to show some of his Crete and Primitive pots, inspired by his world travels. There are very few of these examples left in existence, so make sure you don’t miss out - Come and see them in the 'Feet of Clay' show at The Vivian - On until the 29th April.

~ Paul Maseyk - Feet Of Clay

9 Apr 2018

#16 - Paul Maseyk's monumental work, 'One Pot Wonder' has become one of the stars of the Feet of Clay show. Standing over 2m high, and taking over 5-months to make and paint, it’s a work rarely seen outside of the major art institutions. Here's your chance to see it at The Vivian, free, until 29th April.

~ Is Nigh The End - Iain Cheesman

7 Apr 2018

#15 - We love Iain Cheesman’s work – and his fantastic sense of humour! ‘Is Nigh The End’ – two calf skins, held in place by cast bronze arrows, with punched out lettering – is his brilliant response to the premise for Feet of Clay. See it at The Vivian. Open daily except Tues and Weds.

~ 2 Min Tour Aaron Scythe

4 Apr 2018

#14 - Oooh yeah baby... the exquisite work of Aaron Scythe - showing at Pop Pachimon Show. Here’s your chance to own an outstanding example of Kiwi/Japanese fusion ceramic art by the legend himself. On until the 29th April - Free Entry.

~ Artist Q & A - Aaron Scythe

31 Mar 2018

#12 - How Exciting! - Our first Vivian Artist Q&A with the sensational Aaron Scythe. We'd love to hear what you think and if you'd like us to do more.

~ Sally Gabori - Feet of Clay

31 Mar 2018

#13 - Sally Gabori’s work is exclusively on show during the Feet of Clay exhibition at The Vivian. Her work explores the landscapes of her country, and her ancestral history. Deeply moving, honest, and raw, her work can be seen in important collections and major art galleries around the world.

~ Idiots - Iain Cheesman

22 Mar 2018

#11 - Iain Cheesman has made a name for himself as an artist with his quirky, small-scale, and often very funny plastic sculptures. So The Vivian commissioned him to do a somewhat larger-scale work in steel. What we didn't expect was...this! BUT WE LOVE IT!

~ Feet of Clay - Peter Panyoczki

20 Mar 2018

#10 - Take a sneak peek at the incredible work of New Zealand based artist, Peter Panyoczki. You can see these works and other delights at the 'Feet of Clay' show preview - 4pm at The Vivian this Saturday 24th March. The show will run until the 29th April and is free to visit.

~ Exodus - Patricia Piccinini

6 Mar 2018

#5 - Scott Lawrie talks about Patricia Piccinini's stunning work 'Sphinx' - Featured in Exodis

~ Exodus - Hugo Koha Lindsay

6 Mar 2018

#7 - In this 2-minute tour, we explore the work of one of New Zealand's young painting stars, Hugo Koha Lindsay. The work is called ‘Legal Tender’ - and is currently part of the Exodus show at The Vivian. It's free to visit and is on 'til 18 March. Don't miss it!

~ Exodus - Dan Arps

6 Mar 2018

#8 - We love the work of Dan Arps - And 'Seated Figure' is a cracker!

~ Exodus - Iain Cheesman

6 Mar 2018

#9 - Exodus heralds a new chapter in the history of The Vivian, as it’s the first show curated by our Director, Scott Lawrie. With a hand-selected group of some of the most outstanding artists working in New Zealand and Australia today, it’s an experience designed to be both thought-provoking, sensational and inspiring.

~ Exodus - The End of Ordinary

6 Mar 2018

#50 - Exodus heralds a new chapter in the history of The Vivian, as it’s the first show curated by our Director, Scott Lawrie. With a hand-selected group of some of the most outstanding artists working in New Zealand and Australia today, it’s an experience designed to be both thought-provoking, sensational and inspiring.

~ Exodus - Virginia Leonard

6 Mar 2018

#51 - Scott Lawrie talks about Virginia Leonards work featured in the Exodus Show

~ Virginia Leonard - Artist Talk

13 Feb 2018

#54 - Represented by Paul Nache, Virginia Leonard is one of New Zealand’s most exciting ceramic artists, with a rapidly-growing international career. In this short video, Virginia talks about her piece, Night Nurse, 2018 which she made exclusively for the Exodus show. Here she explains a little about her practice, her inspiration and her technique

~ Artist Profile Iain Cheesman

13 Feb 2018

#4 - A long-time favourite at The Vivian, Iain’s work is boldly colourful, carefully hand-crafted, and quirkily humorous – but also intensely empathetic and gentle. In this short profile of the artist, Iain explains his background, his thought process around the work Signs of Earlier, 2018 and his love of poetry and words. Iain’s first book of published poems, ‘Boom!’ is available from The Vivian. EXODUS is on now until March 18. (It’s free!) thevivian.co.nz

~ The New Vivian

19 Dec 2017

#1 - Welcome to the new-look Vivian – an art destination unlike any other in New Zealand. We're incredibly proud of all the hard work that so many people have put in to making this rebrand happen for us. The idea comes from the brilliant team at Moffitt.Moffitt. Studios. And this little video, beautifully shot by local legend Craig Ray, explains the motivation, and concept, behind the change. See you there soon! - Scott Lawrie, Director.

~ Small Show V

19 Dec 2017

#2 - On until the 10th December: 'Small Show V' at The Vivian. An amazing opportunity to see around 100 pieces of unique work in mixed mediums. The Small Show makes art accessible for both new and established collectors. Come along and bring your friends for a wonderful experience. The Vivian provides a very personable gallery experience in the tranquil country setting of Matakana, New Zealand. Offering a relaxed, warm and welcoming atmosphere, we provide our guests outstanding works from well known New Zealand and international artists throughout the year. Contemporary art, sculpture and object, bring a unique mix to our clients. See our current and previous exhibitions of contemporary art, including local artists, currently showing. Just a lovely drive out of Auckland city, The Vivian is often referred to as a 'hidden treasure'.

~ Peter Panyoczki and Raewyn Turner

19 Dec 2017

#3 - The Vivian Gallery- The Vivian​ is a wonderful space to experience some of the most inspiring artworks in New Zealand. A purpose built contemporary art gallery set on 3 acres of landscaped gardens in Matakana, 1 hour North of Auckland. We caught up with Scott Lawrie​, the new director of The Vivian and this month's artists Peter Panyoczki and Raewyn Turner. Be sure to visit.

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