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The Weight of The World

~ 18 May – 30 June 2019

Monique Lacey

~ The Weight of The World

This is Monique’s first major solo show at The Vivian, and it’s a ripper! Just back from a very successful exhibition in the US, Monique’s crushed forms and layered textures proved a big hit at the recent Auckland Art Fair. She’s been working hard in her Auckland studio to produce a range of works that are powerful, elegant and punchy.

There is something so compellingly mesmerising in all of these works. Boxes, designed to capture and store, to hold, to hide, to cherish, to contain, to… ponder. For there is a tension in every piece in this show that belies surface seduction and individual charm. Perhaps Monique is playing with us. Luring us into a dialogue of the very nature of art and it’s worth. Are these works commodities? Richly embellished statements of irony? Jewels for dining room guests to admire? Or are they simply a quiet physical manifestation of the most worthy of human passions; restless exploration.

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Private Requiem Image © Monique Lacey
Private Requiem Image © Monique Lacey

~ Monique Lacey

Learn more about Monique Lacey in their Artist Profile.


'11 Inches' , 2019

Cardboard, rubber, resin, pigment
340 x 740 x 340mm


'All that Glitters ain't Gold' , 2019

Cardboard, plaster, resin, paint
740 x 740 x 200mm


'Bollard' , 2019

Cardboard, plaster, concrete, pigment, paint
120 x 210 x 310mm


'Contortion' , 2019

Cardboard, plaster, resin, rubber
500 x 280 x 220mm


'Crimple' , 2019

Tarpaulin, resin, plaster, pigment
600 x 530 x 460mm


'Cummulus' , 2019

Cardboard, plaster, rubber, resin, pigment
1240 x 980 x 330mm


'Pucker' , 2019

Paper, plaster, resin, rubber, paint
590 x 370 x 370mm


'Silver Lining' , 2019

Cardboard, plaster, resin, gold leaf
250 x 250 x 200mm


'Smoke and Mirrors' , 2019

Cardboard, plaster, resin, paint, bronze pulver
230 x 320 x 160mm


'The Shallow End (Dyptich)' , 2019

Cardboard, rubber, resin, paint, pigment
1080 x 530 x 100mm


'The weight of the world' , 2019

Cardboard, plaster, resin, paint, pigment, plinth
750 x 750 x 750mm


'Triple whammy' , 2019

Cardboard, plaster, resin, paint, pigment
260 x 630 x 170mm


'Trolleyed' , 2019

Cardboard, rubber, resin, pigment
340 x 300 x 210mm

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