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Hello Again

~ 5 September – 27 September 2020

Hello ~ Again

~ Welcome to Scott Lawrie Gallery

We’re kicking off the new normal with a new space ~ a new location ~ and a whole bunch of brilliant new work from our represented artists ~ Old and new friends welcome.

It’s been a tough year so far. But art is the one place we can all escape for a while. This show brings together a range of new work, by some of New Zealand and Australia’s most engaging artists.

What better way to kick off a new chapter, with a change of name and a change of location. The Scott Lawrie Gallery (formerly The Vivian) has selected a special one-off group show as a thank you to the artists and collectors who have supported me for the past three years.

It’s a quirky, but seriously powerful show.

Lockdown was (and continues to be) tough for many of us. The past few months of the global pandemic has driven artists back to the solace of their studios. Yet conversely, this has meant that each of them has had the chance to enter into a period of discovery, playfulness, reading, and research.

As a result, what you’ll witness in this show is just the start of some of these new explorations in a world unimaginable to us only a few months ago.

I’m proud to work with every single one of them.

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Iain Cheesman: 
Vote Veto
Iain Cheesman: Vote Veto

~ Iain Cheesman

Learn more about Iain Cheesman in their Artist Profile.


'Able Tasman SOS' , 2020

Mixed Medium
300 x 500 x 50mm


'Vote Veto' , 2020

Mixed Medium
300 x 500 x 50mm

~ Sally Gabori

Learn more about Sally Gabori in their Artist Profile.


'My Country (AK16813)' , 2011

Synthetic polymer paint on linen
1010 x 1910 x 35mm

~ Gill Gatfield

Learn more about Gill Gatfield in their Artist Profile.


'Model X' , 2018

NZ South Island stone, Italian granite. Ed. 6 of 10
250 x 400 x 180mm


'Zealandia (At Home)' , 2018

Archival pigment inks on Hahnemühle photo rag. Ed. 6 of 25. Framed.
1062 x 861mm

~ Rupert Herring

Learn more about Rupert Herring in their Artist Profile.


'Beta' , 2018

Unknown hardwood
90 x 830 x 90mm

~ Nicholas Ives

Learn more about Nicholas Ives in their Artist Profile.


'Tongue In Backwards' , 2014

Oil On Linen
480 x 650 x 75mm

~ Cruz Jimenez

Learn more about Cruz Jimenez in their Artist Profile.


'Love, Peace & Harmony' , 2020

Ink and powdered pigment
930 x 1230 x 45mm

~ Monique Lacey

Learn more about Monique Lacey in their Artist Profile.


'And he basked in the reflection of his self-proclaimed glory' , 2020

Paper bag, plaster, resin, rubber, metallic paint, pigment.
1104 x 860 x 50mm

~ Rebecca Wallis

Learn more about Rebecca Wallis in their Artist Profile.


'All The Loving and Separating' , 2020

Acrylic and ink on silk over pine bars
1100 x 1500 x 35mm


'Out of Range' , 2020

Acrylic and ink on silk over pine bars
1300 x 1200 x 25mm

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