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Early and Late Works

~ 11 January – 2 February 2020


~ Early and Late Works

~ One of the most colourful characters on the New Zealand art scene ~ Barry Lett (1940-2017) was a strong supporter of The Vivian ~ This delightful small show is a treasure box of visual gems

This unique Studio Gallery show is a gorgeous mix of Barry’s early and late works. They’re all portraits, mostly with his signature pen on linen – a few of which have never been shown before.

To make it even more special, we’ve managed to get our hands on two of the very last editions of Barry’s bronze ‘Sniffing Dogs’ - cast especially for this show.

There are times like now that the world feels like a disconnected place - and it’s works like these that let the light in. Offering us hope. Humanity. And joy.

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Barry Lett - 'Untitled 6'
Barry Lett - 'Untitled 6'

~ Barry Lett

Learn more about Barry Lett in their Artist Profile.


'Girl Next Door' , 1979

Crayon, charcoal on paper
530 x 570 x 20mm


'Is It True He Glowed' , 1979

Charcoal on paper. Framed
530 x 530 x 20mm


'Untitled 5' , 2015

Ink on linen. Framed (avoid direct or strong sunlight)
540 x 590 x 20mm


'Untitled 6' , 2015

Ink on linen. Framed (avoid direct or strong sunlight)
440 x 540 x 20mm


'Untitled 1' , 2016

Ink on Linen. Framed (keep out of strong and direct sunlight)
400 x 520 x 20mm


'Untitled 2' , 2016

Ink On linen. Framed (avoid direct or strong sunlight)
500 x 560 x 20mm


'Untitled 3' , 2016

Ink on linen. Framed (avoid direct or strong sunlight)
450 x 570 x 20mm


'Watchdog Sniffing' , 2016

Bronze.12 out of an edition of 15
170 x 600 x 450mm

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