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~ 31 August – 13 October 2019

Andrew McDonald

~ Declarations

~ Born and raised in Northland ~ Andrew grew up queer in a conservative rural community before going on to live predominantly in London ~ His work seeks to integrate these dualities ~ into objects and images that speak of our times

In this group of paintings Andrew has combined floating faces and animal figures. In his paintings, he negotiates the meeting of edges to push elements forward or draw them back into an ambiguous space. They suggest in-between states, thresholds and transitions that we think no one else knows about, possibilities of unbounded identity.

His ceramic models of animal figures grow and evolve into impossible beings that become at times amorphous. Sometimes he chooses to damage and then re-form the figures, highlighting the question of wholeness and integrity.

In his deeply personal hanging eggbox sculptures, he is responding to grief by connecting it to notions of the broken and the mended, asking questions of ‘what constitutes a whole?’ He has broken the boxes and then reconstructed them through stitching or casting in porcelain, then broken them again to arrive at an object that embodies loss and healing.

The ongoing concerns in his practice are the nature of identity and otherness – seeking through painting to make images that inhabit a world of familiarity and disturbance, using images of animals to explore his fascination with the human impulse to represent our deepest psychological needs through a connection with the natural world.

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Image © Andrew McDonald
Image © Andrew McDonald

~ Andrew McDonald

Learn more about Andrew McDonald in their Artist Profile.


'Head Through a Star' , 2019

Ceramic, Glaze, Oil Paint
70 x 130 x 50mm


'Horse with Tail' , 2019

Ceramic, glaze, oil paint
125 x 250 x 90mm


'I Declare' , 2019

Acrylic on linen
910 x 610 x 30mm


'Octopus' , 2019

Ceramic, glaze, oil paint
130 x 80 x 70mm


'One Wing' , 2019

Ceramic, glaze, oil paint, enamel paint
105 x 200 x 85mm


'Raised Wings on Blue' , 2019

Oil on canvas
510 x 560 x 30mm


'Red Zig Zag Emerging' , 2019

Oil on canvas
510 x 560 x 30mm


'Shell' , 2019

Ceramic, glaze, oil paint.
730 x 150 x 300mm


'Star on Back' , 2019

Ceramic, glaze, oil paint
105 x 165 x 55mm


'Stepping and Flying' , 2019

Oil on canvas
1020 x 560 x 30mm


'Three Looks' , 2019

Acrylic on linen
910 x 610 x 30mm


'Turtle' , 2019

Ceramic, Glaze, Oil Paint
75 x 95 x 30mm


'Two Heads' , 2019

Ceramic, oil paint
125 x 160 x 100mm


'Two Tail Three Tail - Diptych' , 2019

Ceramic, Glaze, Oil Paint
100 x 165 x 45mm


'Wings of Blue and Brown' , 2019

Oil on canvas
760 x 505 x 30mm

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