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Bipartus Solicious

~ 3 October – 24 October 2020

Monique Lacey

~ Bipartus Solicious

Powerful ~ Bold ~ And beautiful ~ This powerful show of new work ~ is the first solo show in our new space ~ by one of our most fascinating artists.

Fresh from shows in the US and Paris, this is Monique Lacey’s third solo show with us. It brings together a range of brand new work. Pushing her practice further - to explore form surface and colour.

This exhibition – the first solo show in our new Grey Lynn space – features extraordinarily powerful new work by Auckland-based artist Monique Lacey. Monique’s practice continues to go from strength to strength, with her work being collected and shown not only in New Zealand, but internationally in Australia, the USA, and Paris.

The show entitled Bipartiss Solucius is an ironic ‘nose thumb’ to Donald Trump – and his erratic, belligerent, and often unfathomable (not to mention intentionally misleading) use of language.

“In this time of flux and turbulence, our ability to make sense of the world seems to have been obliterated. I frequently listen to CNN while in the studio, as I’m interested in the ongoing political tensions in the US and their implications and effects,” explains Monique.

“Over time it’s become apparent that Donald Trump’s ability to skew a soundbite into a completely new language leaves us focussing on the memes and not the message. My recent work attempts to speak to the nature of these circumstances.”

Monique’s artworks have remarkably surprising origins; beginning life as ordinary cardboard boxes or even mundane plastic or paper bags, which she then manipulates with her body to crush, or flatten, twist and reform. She then uses special techniques to ‘petrify’ the forms with resins, pigments, plaster and paints. Once their function is removed, these objects quite literally become something far more special as a result – beautiful, awe-inspiring and deeply thoughtful artworks.

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Monique Lacey: 'Monkey Business', 2020
Monique Lacey: 'Monkey Business', 2020

~ Monique Lacey

Learn more about Monique Lacey in their Artist Profile.


'Bipartiss Solucius' , 2020

Cardboard, paint, plaster, resin
900 x 700 x 60mm


'Coming Up Trumps' , 2020

Cardboard, plaster, resin, paint
900 x 700 x 400mm


'Fake News' , 2020

Cardboard, plaster, paint, resin, bronze pulver
250 x 230 x 140mm


'Full of Hot Air' , 2020

Paper bag, resin, paint, plaster, bronze pulver
900 x 1200 x 600mm


'Herd Mentality' , 2020

Cardboard, resin, plaster, paint (PRICED PER PIECE)
220 x 220 x 130mm


'House of Cards' , 2020

Cardboard, plaster, resin, pigment
290 x 260 x 140mm


'It's Like Pushing Shit Uphill' , 2020

Cardboard, plaster, resin, paint
650 x 650 x 400mm


'Monkey Business' , 2020

Cardboard, plaster, paint, resin
430 x 1150 x 490mm


'Pillar of Society' , 2020

Cardboard, plaster, resin
330 x 1340 x 340mm


'The Emperor's New Clothes' , 2020

Cardboard, resin, pigment. bronze pulver
20 x 470 x 250mm


'The Oranges of Investigation' , 2020

Cardboard, plaster, resin, paint
710 x 820 x 240mm

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