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National Treasures

~ 23 March – 12 May 2019

National Treasures

~ Contemporary Ceramics

Virginia Leonard ~ Glenn Barkley ~ Aaron Scythe ~ Stephen Bird ~ Lynda Draper ~ Stephen Benwell ~ Dean Smith ~ Carlene Thompson

To coincide with this important trans-Tasman event, The Vivian is excited to show complementary work in National Treasures: Contemporary Ceramics from Australia and New Zealand. Featuring a knock-out list of some of the leading artists in our region, you can expect gorgeous and large-scale visual wonders from Virginia Leonard, Glenn Barkley, Aaron Scythe, Stephen Bird, Lynda Draper, Stephen Benwell, Dean Smith, and Carlene Thompson. Don't miss the catalogue by ceramics supremo Glenn Barkley!

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Virginia Leonard, 'Smoking in Bed, Queen Mary’s 1986' , 2019
Virginia Leonard, 'Smoking in Bed, Queen Mary’s 1986' , 2019

~ Glenn Barkley

Learn more about Glenn Barkley in their Artist Profile.


'Greeny Meany Pox Pot' , 2019

120 x 210 x 120mm


'Large Jar with Face Cover' , 2019

160 x 400 x 160mm


'Less than lonely plate' , 2019

230 x 230 x 40mm


'Rainbow Pox Pot' , 2019

170 x 260 x 170mm


'Topsy Turvy Morris Pot' , 2019

140 x 210 x 140mm


'Younevergetbackwhatyounevercansee plate' , 2019

230 x 230mm

~ Stephen Benwell

Learn more about Stephen Benwell in their Artist Profile.


'Large Vase' , 2013

260 x 470 x 260mm

~ Stephen Bird

Learn more about Stephen Bird in their Artist Profile.

~ Lynda Draper

Learn more about Lynda Draper in their Artist Profile.


'Still Life' , 2014

Ceramic and glazes
550 x 500 x 450mm

~ Virginia Leonard

Learn more about Virginia Leonard in their Artist Profile.


'Smoking in Bed, Queen Mary’s 1986' , 2019

Clay, Resin, Lustre and Polystyrene. Size with plinth - 1640 x 600 x 600mm. Courtesy of Paul Nache.
460 x 740 x 600mm

~ Aaron Scythe

Learn more about Aaron Scythe in their Artist Profile.


'Meoto Iwa (wedded rocks)' , 2019

Porcelain and Stoneware Clays, Glazes, Enamel, Lacquer and Lustre. Linen and Rope.
660 x 470 x 240mm

~ Dean Smith

Learn more about Dean Smith in their Artist Profile.


'Ta Tarata (The Tattooed Rock)' , 2017

Hand Built Stoneware, Porcelain, Feldspathic Glaze, Gloss Pigment, Enamel, Gold Leaf (AK21700). Courtesy of Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne.
500 x 680 x 120mm

~ Carlene Thompson

Learn more about Carlene Thompson in their Artist Profile.


'Kalaya and Mama (Emu and Spirit)' , 2018

Stoneware (AK21700). Courtesy of Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne.
300 x 480 x 180mm

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