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~ Anthony Morris

~ Anthony Morris

New Zealand, (b. 1939)

This journey began with a 50-year survey exhibition ~ held at Morris & James last year ~ we felt it was of such significance to the history of New Zealand arts and crafts ~ that it deserved a place in The Vivian

Ant is what is referred to in education as “a haptic learner”. While a powerful amount of reading gets done, when it comes to producing things, it is trial and error that wins out. His is a hands-on approach. Back in England in 1968, when he centred his first mound on the wheel, opened it up, and felt the gritty scouring of wet clay as it slid through his palms, he got hooked. Not just seduced by the sensation of mastering material and machine with mind, hand and eye, but also captured by the magic of transforming dirt into gold; the alchemy of making.

Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris

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'Tall Glass Goblet' , 2010

Glass goblet
50 x 220 x 50mm


'POT #57' ,

Ceramics and natural slips and glazes
300 x 400mm


'Cretan Pot' , 0

Ceramics and natural slips and glazes
0 x 0 x 0mm


'Cretan Pot #11' ,

Ceramics and natural slips and glazes
0 x 0 x 0 x 890 x 360mm


'Cretan Pot #3' ,

Ceramics and natural slips and glazes
0 x 0 x 0 x 890 x 360 x 840 x 300mm

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Monique Lacey

~ Bipartiss Solucius

This is Monique’s third show with us, and it's her most powerful yet. Utilising apparently destructive gestures in order to create the work, the tensions between surface and form, image and object, playfully blur the line between sculpture and painting.

5 – 24 Oct 2020

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