POST MIDDEN    4 June - 3 July 2016

Wayne Youle, Jacquelyn Greenbank and Iain Cheesman

Part 1 of: 'The Hanging Margins of Babbling-On' Project


For this exhibition at the Vivian Gallery, Matakana, we will be looking at relationships between the materiality of objects and associations with aspects of human history.

History will be on both a local level and also aspects of world human history.

Local history is pursued on more of a structural level, where the emphases of local materials are discussed. For example: Clay, Timber, Rocks, food such as Kai Moana through to more introduced produce. We are also interested in the physical nature of the first remnants of human occupation; that is with the existence of middens; from food harvest, cooking and of course eating.

‘Post Midden’ is our review of what we might like to leave behind or have discovered, and hopefully protected, long after we personally cease to exist.

The actual process of making and installing the exhibition is an important factor for this project, not just from the physical enactment of the hanging gardens of Babylon and the reveal of the ‘Post Middens’, but also the meeting of three artists work, which has been made remotely and separately. The meeting at the gallery for installation will also be a time for more collaborative making, last minute conversations with local materials.

For each of us there is an unknown factor of each other’s artwork, as we join forces, there will be a process that is a bit like a manufacture of history; a formation of a visually tumbling and cascading collaborative artwork.

We also believe that, this project will have a sense of ‘theatrical comedy’ in its structure, with artists intentionally playful within their individual studio practice.

The hanging margins of Babbling-On' Project is envisaged to develop with ongoing exhibitions in differing locations, where an atmosphere of locality bends the process of each of our three individual art processes. While it is a ‘play on words’; we will use its sense of confused reality as a framework for art production, based on subjective imagination, and the tentative nature of material remnants.


Jackie, Iain and Wayne – May 2016

SELECTED WORKS - Please enquire to The Vivian Gallery for any work details as viewed on installation images