KO TAKU WHARE, TO WHARE HOKI – Your house is my house

13 August - 18 September 2016

What a gorgeous show, we are so delighted to be representing this particularly fabulous cohort of talented Maori artists. The idea for this exhibition was conjured some time ago, in the gallery over a lengthy cup of tea. Picture a cold grey morning, brightened only by the fire and the inspirational company of Alexis Neal, Star Gossage and the Vivian team. Sharing ideas of how we could bring a group of significant Maori artists together in a group show that would reflect the high standard of contemporary art works being produced in New Zealand and, as importantly, had at its core, heart or Aroha. Below is the statement that has anchored the show, this was conceived by Alexis Neal, who has done a remarkable job in curating and organizing this exhibition. Huge thanks to you Alexis and to all the participating artists, the exhibition is gorgeous.

Please visit and see for yourselves, soak up the atmosphere, take a seat by the fire - the stockroom is also bursting with a variety of fresh art works. 

KO TAKU WHARE, TO WHARE HOKI – Your house is my house

   ‘Is a place to display and care for ones belongings, here this gallery acts like a treasure house to care for artwork made by the artists creating a conversation that is home to historical and contemporary stories relevant to today.

The wharenui is a universally acknowledged symbol of traditional Maori culture it is a place of peace and growth, learning and understanding. Having a relationship with a wharenui can mean a sense of one’s own whakapapa, of spiritual awakening, and a sacred place where we come together to celebrate our place in the universe. With this in mind, will help shape the installation of works appropriately in this exhibition.’ 


Artists -  Nigel Borell, Ra Gossage, Star Gossage, Charlotte Graham, Andrea Hopkins, Simon Kaan, Alexis Neal, Jasmine Te Hira