Matakana’s Best-Kept Secret – Who Is The Vivian?

Beautiful Matakana And It's Hidden Secrets

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Before we deal with the second part of our question, we know that many may not have yet visited Matakana itself. You'll find it within a comfortable drive north of Auckland, on the banks of a river of the same name. Perhaps you may know about some of the area’s vineyards, and many discerning foodies know of its farmer’s market and boutique food stores.

The Vivian, a delightful discovery for many visitors, who are often introduced to it by proud locals, is a truly distinctive art gallery. It showcases the superb range of high standard work produced by a group of contemporary, and increasingly noted, New Zealand artists. The exhibitors include an established core of local artists, and all the work is of a standard that impresses all who call. Unless they like keeping secrets only for their own walls, people regularly encourage their friends to visit.
Choosing one or more pieces from the truly eclectic contemporary range at The Vivian takes much thought, so wide being the variety of mediums used to present the artists’ work to the public. Prices are in the mid to top end of the range, reminding the visitor of a slogan once used to emphasise the genuine quality of a product, calling it ‘reassuringly expensive’.

The Vivian deck and surrounds Matakana

Visitors have called The Vivian ‘unrestrained’ when compared to other galleries of note, noting that the artists represented or present within its walls are brave enough to be both innovative and experimental in terms of the materials used to create the artworks, and also in the subjects covered.
Another plus point for many is the warmth of the welcome from the team at the venue. The Vivian is both personable and relaxed; it offers a warm and friendly environment and one that welcomes all visitors – wet togs, dogs, beach shoes and all. Indeed one visitor marvellously described it as ‘free range’! It provides an intimate experience that is conducive to any visitor truly immersing themselves in the work. Incidentally, the space itself, and its architecturally inviting design, also impresses many who spend time there.
Visiting The Vivian, down a country lane, you'll soon see it as an exhibition space for contemporary New Zealand artists, offering group shows of a high calibre. Each piece in this gallery has an individual story to tell, and the range of tales are so different from each other, that your visit to Matakana’s best-kept secret likely means that this title will not survive for much longer.