Two Shows in One

Two Shows in One opens this Saturday 11th May featuring...


Diane Scott, Glen Snow, Ian Peter Weston, Jamie Chapman, Toby Raine, André Sampson



Victoria James, Emma Wallace, Di Halstead, Richard Collins, Ian Macdonald, The Vivian, Richard Smallfield, Barbara Cope

Please join us for the preview on Friday 10th May from 4pm to 6pm.

The April Group Show

The April Group Shows opens this Saturday 30th March featuring...

Kirsten Roberts, Marc Thompson, Frances Hansen, John Haines, Alexis Neal, Charlotte Graham, Scott McFarlane, Vicki Fanning, Andre Sampson, Beverly Rhodes, Richard Collins, Paulus McKinnon, Neal Palmer, Rebecca Wallis, Brendan Moran.

Please join us for the preview on Good Friday from 4pm to 6pm.

Welcome to our revamped website

After opening our doors on 1st December 2012, and two exhibitions, we have also managed to update our website to showcase a bit more about us and who we are.  

Our current group exhibition has gone incredibly well and the feedback has been fantastic. So if you haven't already had the chance to visit, please do drop by and take a look around.

Our next exhibition is 'The Landscape Show' which features a number of prominent New Zealand Landscape painters such as Stanley Palmer, Barbara Tuck, Simon Edwards, Callum Arnold, John Oxborough, Mike Petre, Virginia Leonard and more. The exhibition opens 16th February with a preview on 15th February 4pm.